Our Mission

The threat of terrorism has an impact on the United Kingdom’s society and government operate. JSaRC is committed to helping reduce the security and resilience challenges we face together.

Terrorist groups may use violence and the threat of violence to publicise their causes and as a means to achieve their goals. They may seek to influence or exert pressure on the government and its policies while rejecting democratic processes, or even democracy itself. The JSaRC team works with our colleagues to counteract this disruption and improve the security, resilience and safety of the UK.

Our vision

JSaRC’s vision is for a future where government, academia and the security industry (including larger firms and SMEs) work together in an integrated way to deliver technological responses to the UK’s security challenges and create a safer environment for our citizens at home and abroad.

Our aims

Our primary aim is to combine government, academic and private sector expertise to provide security outcomes for the United Kingdom.

JSaRC works to overcome the traditional barriers that have prevented collaboration between the private and public sectors and improve the understanding that these sectors have of each other.

By addressing the key issues and trends that impact the UK’s security and resilience, both sectors can work together to counter the fast-moving and ever-evolving threats to our citizens, both here and abroad.

JSaRC and National Security Objectives

JSaRC’s aims are reflected in the national security framework as set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2015, which represents the UK’s national security interests through 3 National Security Objectives:

  1. Protect our people – At home, in our Overseas Territories and abroad, and to protect our
    territory, economic security, infrastructure and way of life.
  2. Project our global influence – Reducing the likelihood of threats materialising and affecting the UK, our interests, and those of our allies and partners.
  3. Promote our prosperity – Seizing opportunities, working innovatively and supporting UK

We work to support the UK’s National Security Objectives and to protect our people. JSaRC is ‘threat-agnostic’ and we collaborate with any government department, academic institution or private sector organisation that has a requirement, idea, project or solution with the potential to improve, by designing out harm, the security and resilience of the United Kingdom.

View the SDSR Policy Paper here

JSaRC and National Resilience

National Resilience is one of the component parts of the national security framework. It involves the effective coordination of capabilities and approaches across tiers of government and the wider public and private sectors.

JSaRC is helping to protect the UK’s global influence and enabling the UK to leverage soft power through events like the annual Security & Policing Exhibition.

JSaRC works with the Home Office to support UK Defence and Security Exports (UKDSE) in presenting the best of the UK Security Industry abroad and promoting prosperity through exports. This is achieved via the exchange of trusted information, the facilitation of dialogue between public and private actors, and providing support to drive security solutions from the concept phase to the marketplace.

View further information on Security Resilience here

Our governance

Due to our role as a partnership between government and industry, we have two main bodies providing oversight and governance; the Home Office and the Security and Resilience Growth Partnership (SRGP).  The SRGP is a forum attended by representatives from government, industry and academia.  The group meets regularly and is responsible for identifying JSaRC’s priorities.

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