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JSaRC and Her Majesty’s Government

JSaRC was established in 2016 as part of a range of measures designed with the aim of helping the government and UK security sector suppliers work more closely together. JSaRC was formed in partnership with the UK’s Security and Resilience Industry Suppliers Community (RISC) which was itself formed at the request of the Home Office. RISC is an alliance of trade associations, suppliers and other organisations which represent the UK’s security and resilience sector.

Situated within the Home Office, JSaRC is a unit of the Homeland Security Group (HSG) and has 3 core objectives: to deliver a joint response to the UK’s national security challenges; to drive the delivery of the right solutions; to support the growth of the security sector.

JSaRC in the context of the Home Office

The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police. In order to deliver its responsibilities, the Home Office is organised into three main departments.

BICS: Borders Immigration and Citizenship Services, which is responsible for:

  • Securing the UK border and controlling immigration;
  • Considering applications to enter and stay in the UK; and
  • Issuing passports and visas.

HSG: Homeland Security Group, which is responsible for:

  • Keeping the United Kingdom safe from the threat of terrorism.

CPFG: Crime Policing and Fire Group, which is responsible for:

  • Working on the problems caused by illegal drug use;
  • Shaping the alcohol strategy, policy and licensing conditions;
  • Reducing and preventing crime, and ensuring people feel safe in their homes and communities;
  • Supporting visible, responsible and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime; and
  • Fire prevention and rescue.

JSaRC sits within the Homeland Security Group (HSG).  Due to the wide-ranging nature of threats in this area, JSaRC engagements span across the entire government and our projects can cover police and borders as well as security and counter terrorism.

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How we work

JSaRC is a unique team. We enable and deliver a threat agnostic, value for money work programme that benefits from our mix of civil servants and industry and academic secondees acting as force multipliers, by working across government to engage through a single voice with the private sector to deliver items of national value.

This enables the identification of effective and innovative industry solutions to government security and resilience challenges and influence the security and resilience market by:

  • Delivering a threat agnostic programme of work;
  • Employing a delivery focused ethos and skilled project management;
  • Creating a safe space for government to discuss security challenges with industry;
  • Facilitating effective engagement with the public and private sector allowing government to engage the security and resilience industry with a single voice;
  • Harnessing the experience of civil servants, industry and academic secondees;
  • Taking a ‘whole of government approach’.

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