About JSaRC

The Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) was founded in 2016 by the Home Office. Sitting within the Homeland Security Group (HSG), JSaRC works to provide security outcomes for the United Kingdom by combining government, academic and private sector expertise.

JSaRC works to meet the fast moving and ever-evolving threats to our citizens, both here and abroad.


JSaRC aims to overcome the traditional barriers that have prevented collaboration between the private and the public sectors by improving the understanding both sectors have of each other, and of the key issues and trends that have an impact on the UK’s security and resilience.


JSaRC has a ‘threat-agnostic’ approach; we do not restrict our work to specific threats to UK security and resilience. Instead, we take a wider view, championing multi-use technology that has multiple applications and encouraging specialist innovation in ideas and products to meet the possible threats facing the UK.

What we do

Identify Solutions

JSaRC helps to inform government of existing capabilities within the market that can address identified needs, specifically:

  1. Bringing together government departments and policy holders that are seeking complementary solutions from industry to avoid duplication.
  2. Co-ordination and delivery of operational trials that both prove and help to improve solutions.
  3. Introducing small and medium-sized organisations with complementary products and organisations to each other to enable closer working relationships.

Shape the market

JSaRC works collaboratively to engage industry and better inform government by the provision of:

  1. Industry briefings, events and initiatives.
  2. Market-shaping analysis and reports to inform industry of required standards.
  3. A safe and trusted space for government departments and industry to openly discuss challenges and threats.
  4. Better engagement between government and industry to help understand, navigate and improve government procurement.
  5. Organisation and delivery of the Security & Policing Event.
  6. Home Office support to DIT DSO in showcasing the UK’s security capability.

JSaRC Case Studies

Securing Crowded Places - High Footfall Screening Trials

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