JSaRC Update – 20th April 2021

Published on 20 April 2021


JSaRC is pleased to announce the appointment of Chloe Squires as the new Director General for Homeland Security at the Home Office and Senior Responsible Officer for Counter Terrorism, replacing Tom Hurd who stepped down last month. You can read the full announcement here.


The Defence and Security Industrial Strategy (DSIS) has now been published and can be accessed here. This cross-Government strategy sets an ambitious approach to leverage and support the growth of the UK’s security and defence sectors. The DSIS calls for a more collaborative approach between industry and government to deliver the capabilities that we need for our national security, and to promote growth and prosperity across the UK, whilst acknowledging the differences between the defence and security sectors. JSaRC will play a prominent role in implementing the strategy, by bridging the gap between government and industry on common interests in the security sector. We would encourage you to read the publication and  come back to us with any questions at jsarc@homeoffice.gov.uk


Don’t miss your chance to have a say on the Protect Duty public consultation. The Home Office consultation on the ‘Protect Duty’ is open until 2 July 2021. The consultation is open to the public and targeted at venues, organisations, businesses, local and public authorities and/or individuals who own or operate at publicly accessible locations. You can access the full consultation document and methods of responding here.

Please share this information with any of your stakeholders who may also be affected by the Protect Duty. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact the team at ProtectDuty@homeoffice.gov.uk.



2025 UK Border Strategy – Cabinet Office’s Border Innovation Hub

The 2025 UK Border Strategy published in December 2020 set out the importance of innovation in delivering the most effective border in the world. The strategy (which can be found here) included the technology and innovation roadmap, which set out how Government would support industry to take the lead in innovating at the border. Since the publication of the strategy, the Border Innovation Hub has been set up within Cabinet Office to oversee and coordinate technology and innovation at the border.

The team has already run one external workshop setting out the aims of the Border Innovation Hub and some of the technologies Government are focusing on, in order to deliver the world’s most effective border. The Hub serves as a point of contact within government for crosscutting border innovation-related enquiries and proposals, and works collaboratively across all government departments, including with the Home Office’s Future Borders and Immigration System Programme and its associated initiatives such as the recently formed Border Vision Advisory Group.

If you would like to receive updates from the Border Innovation Hub and hear more about future workshops, please sign up to their mailing list by emailing: Border.innovation@cabinetoffice.gov.uk.


New global partnership launched to fight future pandemics

The Government has launched a new Pandemic Preparedness Partnership (PPP) to save lives from future diseases and prevent another global pandemic.

The public-private partnership will bring together industry, international organisations and leading experts. They will provide recommendations for delivering ambitious targets to more quickly develop vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics through greater global co-operation on research and development, manufacturing, clinical trials and data-sharing. Full details are available here.


UK Protect Bulletin 8 April: Security Advice for the easing of lockdown

Counter Terrorism Policing issue guidance for keeping safe as lockdown eases and publicly accessible locations become busy once again. Read the full UK Protect Bulletin, which includes links to free resources, here.


Borders Policy Paper released: Authority to Carry scheme 2021

The operation of the Authority to Carry scheme prevents certain individuals from travelling to or from the UK when that is necessary in the public interest. If your organisation carries passengers or crew, check if you are affected by the scheme, here.