Who are we

Founded in 2016 by the Home Office, the Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) operates within the Homeland Security Group (HSG). Our mission is to enhance the UK’s security and resilience, by uniting expertise from government, academia, and the private sector. 

Our Mission: JSaRC is dedicated to mitigating security threats both domestically and internationally. We aim to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors, breaking down traditional barriers to improve mutual understanding and address evolving security challenges. 

Our Approach: JSaRC adopts a ‘threat-agnostic’ stance, focusing on broad security outcomes rather than specific threats. We champion multi-use technologies and innovative solutions to address potential security risks facing the UK. 

Identifying solutions

We inform government of market capabilities, coordinate operational trials and facilitate connections between small and medium-sized enterprises.

Shaping the market

JSaRC engages industry through briefings, events, and market -shaping analyses. We provide a trusted space for discussion, help navigate government procurement, and organise key events like Security & Policing.

Strategic Context – JSaRC’s work aligns with the nation’s security strategies, including the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy 2021, and the Defence, Security and Industrial Strategy 2021.  

Our initiatives support the overarching goals of sustaining technological advantage, shaping international order, strengthening security, and building resilience. 

Our Objectives 

  • Deliver a joint response to the UK’s national security challenges. 
  • Drive the delivery of effective security solutions. 
  • Support the growth of the security sector. 

How We Work

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