JSaRC Update – 14 October 2021

Published on 14 October 2021

Security & Policing, 15-17 March 2022 – Registration is now open!
Celebrating our 40th anniversary, the 2022 event promises to be our most content-rich and feature-packed show yet. Focussed on providing innovative and integrated ways to delivering security solutions across government, industry and academia, visitors can expect to see a host of new features, take part in exciting challenges, and hear keynotes and presentations from many of the most senior officials from across Government and Law Enforcement. Full details on how to register to attend is available here.

Security & Policing 2022 – an opportunity to get involved in our most ambitious Immersive Feature yet
For Security & Policing 2022, JSaRC is looking to collaborate with government departments, academia and industry to create a live immersive experience. The Immersive Experience is an ‘art of the possible’ demonstration of capabilities and technologies that brings an active sense of drama and fascination from a central position in the Security & Policing event.
The Immersive Experience will focus on showcasing solutions and technology across four key policy areas: Cyber Security, Coastal & Maritime Surveillance, Supply Chain Resilience and Justice. The responses to these policy challenges will be brought together under one overarching narrative. Applications are open until 09:00 on Friday, 29 October 2021. Further information on the opportunity and details on how to apply available here

Publicly Accessible Locations – take part in our Market Survey of Protective Security Solutions
The Home Office is seeking to improve our understanding of the protective security sector and welcomes industry input into a market survey on suitable solutions for use by owners and operators of Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs). With the government finalising its consultation on potential new legislation around protective security requirements (Protect Duty), the data from the survey will inform Home Office understanding of how well key sections of the PALs market are catered for and inform future initiatives relating to innovation and procurement. The survey will focus on products which are aimed at deterring and mitigating security threats to PALs, and are currently available or will be available within the next two years only. By participating in the survey, you will have the opportunity to directly inform and support Home Office thinking and influence the development of the market. The deadline for completing the survey is 30 November 2021. Further information and the survey are available here

Meet the JSaRC team at Milipol, Paris
The JSaRC team will be attending Milipol in Paris from 19-22 October. If you’re attending the event and would like to arrange a discussion with us, email JSaRC@homeoffice.gov.uk before midday on Monday 18 October. Ensure you include an overview of your products or services and what you would like to achieve with the meeting. We’ll do our best to schedule a discussion.

Border Vision Advisory Group (BVAG) Update
In our last JSaRC Update we trailed that the next Hackathon will seek expertise from industry and academics to develop the design and the technical requirements for the iterative launch of a series of conceptual tests. This will, in the long term, set out the parameters to pilot a fully integrated contactless travel corridor in the next three years. Invitations to this will be distributed to Border Vision Advisory Group members soon and in good time for the event.

The National Security Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx)
NSTIx is an independent government-led science, technology and innovation (ST&I) partnership that enables coherent and agile delivery of innovative national security outcomes. NSTIx is vital in scaling up government investment in ST&I more efficiently and effectively through enabling government partners to join up requirements, break down barriers and develop best practice in co-ordination with suppliers and end users in academia and the private sector. As an independent and primarily government-facing organisation, NSTIx is unique and works closely with other teams in government (including JSaRC) to help deliver with partners in industry. Visit the NSTIx website.

DASA Open Call: Security Rapid Impact Innovations
This funding competition is open to industry and academia to support the development of innovative ideas to achieve a technology model or prototype demonstration at around TRL 6 or 7. The competition is supported by the Home Office who is keen to see submissions which relate to the following areas of security: Borders and Migration, Public Safety and Policing, Serious and Organised Crime including Economic Crime and Counter-Terrorism. Examples of this could include improved detection technologies, applications to reduce illegal migration, reducing the impact of violent and sexual crime and countering CBRNE threats.

Market Exploration: Tackling E-Scooter and E-Bike enabled crime
The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is running a Market Exploration to identify new and innovative technologies which have the potential to stop or prevent E-Scooters and E-Bikes from being used to commit criminal acts. Submissions will be accepted up until 9 November 2021. Full details are available here

City of London Police – Cyber Crime Protection
Cyber Griffin, founded by the City of London Police, is a programme that supports businesses and individuals in the Square Mile to protect themselves from cyber crime. An independent, vendor-neutral service, with direct access to Police and Action Fraud databases, Cyber Griffin offers a number of training and assessment services. Further information is available her