National Security Priorities

Security and resilience challenges

The world is changing rapidly and fundamentally. We are seeing long-term shifts in the balance of global economic and military power. We are increasingly likely to have to deal with unexpected developments which affect National Security.

Four particular challenges are likely to drive UK security priorities for the coming decade. They have both immediate and longer-term implications:

  1. The increasing threat posed by terrorism, extremism and instability.
  2. The resurgence of state-based threats; and intensifying wider state competition.
  3. The impact of technology, especially cyber threats; and wider technological developments.
  4. The erosion of the rules-based international order, making it harder to build consensus and tackle global threats.


In this dynamic and uncertain context, the JSaRC team is committed to helping reduce the security and resilience challenges we face together.

If you would like to learn more about future trends in security technology, further reading can be found here.

Additionally, further reading on the government’s Threat Levels can be found here.


Domestic and global security challenges

JSaRC is at the forefront of the government’s efforts in identifying and developing new ways, technologies and methods to confront the threat of terrorism here in the UK.

Our cooperative approach with the security sector, industry and academia enables us to work together to meet the challenges we face.


JSaRC has a number of principal mechanisms through which we engage with our stakeholders, partners and supporters.

These include events run and organised by JSaRC to support specific projects, programmes and exhibitions such as the Security & Policing Home Office Event,  the International Security Expo and IFSEC International.


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