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JSaRC works in context with the nation's security strategy

JSaRC functions within a wider strategic context, defined by the Government position on Homeland Security, Prosperity and Defence. To understand more about the context of why and how we deliver our work, review the information below, and the other pages under the heading ‘About JSaRC’.

The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy 2021 has at its heart an increased commitment to security and resilience. This includes reducing our vulnerability to the threats from states, terrorism and serious and organised crime. Under this, the Strategic Framework to 2025 has four overarching and mutually supporting objectives:

  • Sustaining strategic advantage through science and technology
  • Shaping the open international order of the future
  • Strengthening security at home and overseas
  • Building resilience at home and overseas

Defence, Security and Industrial Strategy 2021

The Defence, Security and Industrial Strategy 2021 builds on the Integrated Review and provides the framework for Government to work with industry to achieve those ambitions. It highlights that Government and industry must understand the implications that arise from technological developments, and be able to exploit new technologies in order to stay ahead of emerging threats.

It acknowledges that in order to realise this vision, Government needs to ensure clarity about future plans and procurement, so that industry has the confidence to invest in cutting-edge research and innovation, leading to future technology and productivity gains, as well as maximising the potential for international cooperation and exports. This ‘virtuous circle’ then means that we will sustain the skills offer in the UK, encouraging further reinvestment.

Mobilise for Security Strategy 2021

The Mobilise for Security Strategy 2021 is situated within this strategic context, and reflects the partnership between Government, industry and academia that is necessary to achieve ‘pull-through’ from innovation to exports. There are four pillars to the strategy:

  • Procurement
  • Innovation
  • Exports
  • Skills

These pillars will create the ‘virtuous circle’ outlined in the Defence, Security and Industrial Strategy.

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