JSaRC Update – 11 November 2020

Published on 11 November 2020

JSaRC Update – November 2020

Following last month’s JSaRC Update, in which we announced our plan to move Security & Policing 2021 to an online platform, we can confirm that registration is now open. Please visit our Security and Policing page or the dedicated  S&P Website to listen to the Minister of State for Security, the Rt Hon James Brokenshire personally endorse this event. Make sure you register for this exciting online event, which takes place on 09-11 March 2021.

Update on ACE Commissions and how to get involved

The Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) is a Home Office innovation unit that solves technology and data problems facing law enforcement and security agencies, by partnering with the private sector and academia through its Vivace community to deliver frontline impact at pace. ACE’s new research network keeps academia up-to-date with opportunities to get involved.

ACE is keen to work with: wastewater sampling and monitoring experts; chemo-sensor and analytical chemistry researchers interested in cost-efficient toxin detection; electronic engineering and computer science teams who specialise in communications networks and device security; multi-disciplinary experts in data anonymisation techniques.

If you’d like to know more, please contact: aceresearchnetwork@vivace.tech

UK government response to Pfizer/BioNTech’s publication of efficacy data of their COVID-19 vaccine

The pharmaceutical organisations Pfizer/BioNTech  have published positive efficacy results from Phase 3 studies of their potential Covid-19 vaccine. Full details of the UK Government response is available here.

Government closes antique firearms loopholes to protect the public

New measures have been announced to target antique firearms used in violent crime, which means that up to 26,000 guns will now require firearms licences.

Loopholes exploited by criminals to use antique firearms in violent crime will be closed by new laws introduced on 9 November 2020. The antique firearms exemption allows collectors and dealers to possess and trade in old firearms which no longer present a danger to the public, but evidence shows this is being exploited for criminal use. See the full article here.

JSaRC’s contribution to International Security Week (ISW)

Angela Essel, Head of JSaRC, will be joining the International Security Week programme, for an interview with Chairperson Philip Ingram MBE, discussing JSaRC’s key priorities and our role in developing relations with Industry and Academia. Tune into ISW at 10:35 on 2 December to watch Angela’s interview.

Falkland Islands are now Landmine Free

Ending our Update with a good news story: The Falkland Islands are now finally free of lethal minefields almost 40 years after the end of the conflict during which thousands of exploding devices were laid.

A UK-funded programme which started in 2009 has completed its dangerous mission to de-mine the islands in the South Atlantic three years ahead of schedule. The removal of the last mine means there are no anti-personnel mines on British soil anywhere in the world. For the full story, click here.